About Steve Glass

Steve Glass, creator and owner of the TogetherWeTeach.com website is a veteran educator of 33 years, mostly in Georgia. He has B.S., M.Ed., and Ed.S. degrees in education. Through the years, he has taught at the middle school level, high school level and elementary school level. He has served as a school technology coordinator for five years and is currently computer lab instructor at the district’s alternative middle school.

Steve self-published the original Together We Teach book of favorite sayings of America’s teachers. He currently has several projects under development. His hobbies include golfing, swimming, traveling, developing this website, and just plain piddling in the yard.

Steve’s wife Carolyn is an elementary school counselor. In 1997, Carolyn was named American School Counselor Association’s “National Elementary Counselor of the Year”.

Steve has three grown children: Sondra, Brandon, and Jaime. Steve and Carolyn became proud grandparents (thanks to Sondra and her husband Boone) to Will  on March 28, 2003, to Ian on January 22, 2005, and to Owen on April 4, 2007. Aiden Cory joined our family July 3, 2006 thanks to son Brandon and wife Michelle. 


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